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Gicleé is pronounced “zee-clay” and means to spit or spray ink. It is a high quality reproduction of an original oil painting by Mikki Senkarik. The pigmented inks are sprayed on the canvas in tiny droplets of approximately one million per square inch. You have two options when purchasing a Senkarik Gicleé:

Gicleé on Rag Paper

These Limited Edition reproductions of Senkarik’s distinctive paintings are printed in archival inks on 100% Rag Paper. Mikki signs and numbers each piece individually. Senkarik Gicleés on Rag Paper are NOT EMBELLISHED and come with a wide, white border around the image. They are shipped rolled and ready to frame.

Image Size
20” x 24”
24” x 30”


Limited Original, coined by Senkarik, describes her gicleés on canvas. A Limited Original gicleé on canvas has longevity of over 200 years under normal lighting conditions. These are considered Originals because no two are embellished in the exact same brushstrokes. Mikki paints on each piece in oils, in some cases changing a vineyard to an ocean scene, red flowers to yellow, a blue door to red. Then every Limited Original is brush textured with the same attention to detail as on her original oil paintings. Senkarik personally signs and inspects each Limited Original to make certain every one meets her high standard of excellence. The artist limits each edition to 145 or less to insure every piece remains valuable. Senkarik Hand Embellished Gicleés on Canvas are truly Limited Originals.

Image Size
Price Unframed
Price with Senkarik Signature Frame
24” x 30”
30” x 40”
36” x 48”

Other sizes are available upon request.
Please contact us at Senkarik@senkarik.com